Volcanoes, and glaciers, & geysers, oh my!

[Iceland from Space. Source: Wikipedia Commons]

Iceland is a world apart. Unique in being the only place on Earth where a mid-ocean ridge is present on land instead of under miles of ocean.

Ever since the Vikings colonized it around 870 AD, the geology of this harsh land has had an enormous impact on those who live there. …

In our hunt for extraterrestrial life, we may have to look no farther than our nearest planetary neighbour

Venus (source: NASA — Public Domain)

In a just-released paper from Nature Astronomy, a team of scientists from around the globe have provided a tantalizing indication that microbial life may be floating in the clouds of Venus. They unexpectedly detected the molecule phosphine in the Venusian atmosphere while observing the planet with the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) in Hawaii. A result so surprising that the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile was enlisted to make followup observations. Six months of processing and double-checking the data confirmed it: There really is phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus.

Why was this such a remarkable find? Because…

The Biggest Medical Misinformation Blunders of the Covid-19 Pandemic

so far…

Coronavirus Blunders (source: Lightspring, via Shutterstock)

As we face the worst global pandemic since 1968, the battle to subdue Covid-19 continues to rage on two fronts: Medical, and Information.

The first is obvious to everyone — the lockdowns experienced around the globe, the social distancing, mask wearing, and reminders for the millionth time to wash your hands and stop touching your face. Alongside this, a frenetic hunt for effective treatment, and ultimately a vaccine, are continuing at a pace faster than most thought possible. …

Earth from space (source: Pixabay, via Pexels — CC0)

As long as we have existed, humanity has looked up at the night sky with a mix of wonder, fear, and curiosity. Our ancestors often worshiped what they saw; and along with the Tower of Babel incident described in the Biblical book of Genesis, one has to wonder how many other ancient pyramids and towers were built to try and get closer to the heavens. …

Our Civilization From Space (source: NASA, via Unsplash — public domain)

As we stand on the edge of expanding humanity outwards into our Solar System, it is worth thinking about our path to this point, and where we might go from here. How can we evaluate ourselves as we leave our homeworld, and how can we chart our progress as we do so? Having a way to measure where a civilization is at would be a useful tool — and despite the glaring disparities in our world, we are now for most intents and purposes a single civilization. At the very least such a tool could help us set goals for…

Owen Lewis

Science & space enthusiast with degrees in geology & psychology. Aspiring writer, & Christian humanist. Founder of @is_fusion (Personal: @is_OwenLewis)

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