The Beautiful Geology of Iceland

Volcanoes, and glaciers, & geysers, oh my!

[Iceland from Space. Source: Wikipedia Commons]
[Drone footage of Fagradalsfjall volcano. Credit, Bjorn Steinbekk]
[Drone footage of lava flows from the Fagradalsfjall volcano. Credit: Bjorn Steinbekk]
[Strokkur Geyser, Iceland. Credit: The Slow Mo Guys]
[Iceland — Blue Lagoon. Credit: Viator Travel]
[Trip to Reykjadalur hot springs. Credit: The Gone Gurl]
[Svinafellsjokull glacier, in the Vatnajokull nature reserve, Iceland. Credit: Bjorn Steinbekk]
[Solheimajokull Glacier — Iceland. Credit: Guide to Iceland]
[Ice cave in Iceland. Credit: Guide to Iceland]
[Vatnshellir cave — Iceland. Credit: Hello Iceland]
[Waterfalls in Iceland. Credit: Hailey Robledo]
[Mulagljufur Canyon. Credit: Bjorn Steinbekk]
[Black Sand Beach — Iceland. Credit: The Gone Gurl]
[Diamond Beach — Iceland. Credit: SD]
[Highlands of Iceland. Credit: Sebastian M]
[Skafta River System — Iceland. Credit: Bjorn Steinbekk]
[Mid-Oceanic Ridge. Source: Wikipedia Commons]
[Stuðlagil Canyon basalt columns. Credit: Mobile Instinct]

Science & space enthusiast with degrees in geology & psychology. Aspiring writer, & Christian humanist. Founder of @is_fusion (Personal: @is_OwenLewis)

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